About Us

Matthias Garrison

Each one of the world’s population has his or her health problems because of the peculiarities of genetics and the abundance of health hazards in our environment we live in. The Population Fix Health Portal as an information and opinion health online publication lets you understand what’s going inside your body and the ill effects of hazards in your over-all wellness.

We give you a comprehensive coverage of every known disease, their nature, affectations, causes, symptoms and how we can combat these diseases. From pharmaceutical products to health gadgets, we shall let you understand the right treatment regimen for your health condition.

With our comprehensive coverage simplified for all end users to comprehend easily, we have been catering to various researchers like health and medical students. A large number of our clientele are mothers who are always in the rush of knowing practical solutions for some health problems in their homes. From prevention tips, first aid and over-the-counter medications, we educate readers so you can avoid complications that can land you in the hospital for days while spending a lot of your hard-earned money.

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