Five Ways to Maintain a Good Health at All Times

Nothing in life is as important as maintaining your health. Unfortunately, a recent study revealed that only 3% of the world live a healthy lifestyle. The researchers made this conclusion after examining a representative sample of 4,745 respondents. This unhealthy state of living might explain why some diseases are on the rise. These diseases include obesity, liver cancer, and Vibrio. Fortunately, living healthy is possible if you make a few changes to your life. Here are five ways to maintain good health at all times.

Personal Hygiene is Critical

Failing to wash your hands may lead to the development of life-threatening conditions such as Salmonella poisoning or influenza. In fact, the CDC estimates that Salmonella causes 12 million cases of illness in the US annually. These cases result in 450 deaths every year. Therefore, washing your hands regularly to avoid these diseases is an excellent idea. Wash them after handling rubbish, using the toilet, or touching a handkerchief. Other personal hygiene measures include showering every day, wearing clean clothes, trimming your nails, and cleaning your teeth.

washing hands

Eating Leafy Vegetables and Fruits

Regrettably, the consumption of fast food products in Western nations is catastrophic. For instance, fast food establishments in the US serve more than 50 million people every day constituting 15% of the country’s population. Changing these eating habits is critical because they lead to obesity. In fact, 19% of the children in the world from this condition.

Consuming foods that are low in calories helps you avoid this illness. These foods include leafy vegetables and fruits. For example, one meal of kale has 46 calories while one serving of pizza has 266 calories. Eating foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, unsaturated fats, complex carbohydrates, and lean protein is an excellent idea as well

Exercise Your Body Regularly

The human body operates like any machine that you know. More specifically, machines will rust and decay if you stay for long without using them. Your body becomes weak as well if you do not exercise it regularly. Unfortunately, the CDC reports that 80% of people fail when it comes to performing physical workouts.

Stand apart from the crowd by performing physical workouts regularly. The Federal government recommends close to three hours of moderate aerobic exercises every week. Alternatively, you can do one hour and fifteen minutes of rigorous workouts each week. Perform these workouts so that your body stays strong.

Find the Correct Balance between Work and Life

You cannot work and sleep every day of your life although many people come close to doing so. Remember, a stress-free life is critical to your physical and mental health. In fact, a recent study revealed that 77% of the people in the world experience physical discomfort resulting from stress.

This discomfort manifests itself as an upset stomach, chest pain, muscle tension, headaches, and high blood pressure. The study also showed worries about money and work were responsible for 76% of this stress. Find the perfect balance so that you can avoid these kinds of discomfort.

Avoid Drugs and Harmful Substances

Drugs such as cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine among others destroy your body by altering its physiological processes. Resultantly, your body becomes dependent on the chemicals that these substances contain. It deteriorates slowly. Eventually, persistent drug use leads to addiction or death.

Other drugs such as cigarettes and unauthorized prescription medicine are just as dangerous as illicit drugs are Avoid them so that you can escape possible addiction to these substances.

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