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Can you think of any problem on any scale, from microscopic to global, whose long-term solution is in any way aided, assisted, or advanced by having larger populations at the local level, state level, nationally, or globally? Can you think of anything that will get better, if we crowd more people into our towns, cities, states, nations, or world?
–Dr. Albert Bartlett, Professor of Physics at Colorado University (Ret.)
The Population Fix
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It is not easy to think of a problem which is made easier to solve “...if we crowd more people into our towns, cities, states, nations, or world.” Can you think of one? In fact, it is not easy to think of a societal or an environmental problem which is not made more difficult or more expensive to solve as our population grows and our towns, cities, states, and nation grow more crowded.

Whether used as a noun or as a verb, “crowd” is a word which suggests problems, not solutions.

On the right banner you will see listed some of the many issues which have become bigger problems because of America’s addiction to population growth. But this list represents only a fraction of the multitude of problems faced by our nation, states, counties, cities, and towns which are exacerbated by rampant population growth.

Next time you pick up a local newspaper, look for articles dealing with one or more of these and other problems made more difficult--and more expensive--to solve because of population growth. Then, see how many of those articles suggest population stabilization as one approach to solving these problems. The answer will be: None! Newspapers love to write about problems and often write about complicated solutions to problems. But newspapers do not like to write about the one thing which would make most societal and environmental problems easier and less costly to mitigate: A stabilized population.

Perhaps a brief note to your local editor pointing that out might be appropriate.
Breaking America's Addiction to Population Growth

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